Every Samson passed the test

Samson Test Center

We have the world's most advanced testing station and every Samson Pump must pass before it ships. That includes your pump. The Samson Pumps test center is a modern, fully-automated part of our Quality Management System and ISO 9001 certification. Through the years our test center has added to the value of the products and services we deliver to customers all over the world.

The current test center in 2014 and incorporates the lessons we have learned through decades of operating previous test facilities. The center ensures high quality and allows us to experiment with groundbreaking technologies at Samson Pumps.

Test of new and serviced pumps

Using a sophisticated computer program in the test center, our specialists are able to detect any deviation from standard operating parameters for each pump, whether the pump is new or a serviced pump returning to service. All pumps are tested for overall performance, leaks, vibrations and energy usage.