HISTORY – down memory lane

In 1944, a small blacksmith opened in the Danish village of Tange in the country's agricultural heartland. The workshop specialized in the needs of local farmers, building and repairing just about any kind of agricultural implement, from horseshoes to bridles to reaper-binders. By 1950, the smith workshop in Tange was renamed "The Machine Factory Samson" and shortly after the young factory began exploring the benefits of liquid ring pumps when building their agriculture machines. Today our pumps run on thousands of vacuum trucks all over the world.


Across a range of industries

Today, we help customers in a range of industries, such as offshore, fishing, food, agriculture, process and waste management. As the only company to focus solely on the production of liquid ring vacuum pumps, we have a wealth of expertise and know-how at our disposal. We therefore don’t compete on price. Instead, we set the bar for quality and reliability that saves money in the long term and gives peace of mind throughout the life of the pump.


Constant development

Every one of our pumps undergoes constant development. Time and again our products are acclaimed both at home and abroad for their performance and reliability. Ambition, investment and potential are just part of the reason for our success. None of what we have achieved would have been possible without the right mix of talented employees. We know our customers and we know their challenges. We therefore develop strong solutions that meet their requirements. Today, tomorrow and in the future.