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4-way valve DN 100


  • Cast iron construction
  • Compact design

Suitable for Truck Master 2500 and 1700.

4-way valve designed to switch the flow direction between vacuum and pressure, allowing you to fill up and empty your tank.

This 4-way valve can be acquired with a pneumatic actuator or as manually controlled.

The valve has two flow positions and a neutral/central position where all ports are closed.

How to order

Order numbers 

Valve only157.355
With pneumatic actuator1634244
With manual shifting handle151.422



Set of welding flanges1505999


Can also be used for these previous models:
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Truck Master 600
Truck Master 350
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4 way valve

Quick tutorial of mounting and maintaining the 4 way valve.

4-Way Valve DN 100

Here you can download the manual of the 4-way valve DN 100.