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Hydraulic motor set Truck Master 1700


  • Hydraulic motor 63 ccm
  • Adaptor
  • Couplings

A complete hydraulic motor set for Truck Master 1700. Dimensioned to perform full vacuum and 0,5 bar pressure.

The set consists of hydraulic motor, adaptor and couplings. By ordering this set together with a pump, all will be assembled at our factory and delivered as a “ready to run” unit.

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Motor 63cm3/RevPressure [bar]Power  [kW]Oil Flow [l/min]
1800 RPM30053116
1700 RPM29048109
1600 RPM28042103
1500 RPM2603796

Maximum pressure 300 bar

Motor 3,84in3/RevPressure [psi]Power  [hp]Oil Flow [gpm]
1800 RPM43507131
1700 RPM42056429
1600 RPM40605627
1500 RPM37705025

Maximum pressure 4350 psi

How to order

Order numbers

Complete set ready to run1634818
Hydraulic motor only944000083
Couplings only1634749
Adaptor only1654037
Quick Guide

Here you can download the quick guide of the hydraulic motor