Vacuum pumps for dairy equipment


We supply highly efficient, reliable vacuum pumps to some of the world's leading manufacturers of dairy equipment. These pumps play a significant part in increasing the competitiveness of the dairy facility.     

Competitiveness is particularly keen in the dairy sector. Food producers focus on the efficient production of quality products in order to increase their competitiveness and continue to meet increasing demands for highly refined products and better hygiene in the production process. At the same time, consumer behaviour and changing demands for various dairy products mean that it has to be possible to adjust production equipment at a moment's notice.

Reliable processing lines

For decades, Samson Pumps has been one of the sector's preferred suppliers of highly efficient, reliable vacuum pumps for some of the world's top dairy equipment manufacturers. We owe our position to our very strong product programme, which includes industrial vacuum pumps that have been developed to tackle specific tasks in modern dairy production.

Our vacuum technology is a dependable player in the field of processing equipment and dairy processes. One of the many advantages is fewer production shutdowns when producing and wrapping butter, an area in which our liquid ring pumps are often used.

Short supply delays

At Samson Pumps, we have the shortest supply delay in the sector. A focus on close, loyal partnerships makes us the ideal partner and supplier of vacuum pumps for dairy equipment.

Did you know?

  • The ME series is the most popular liquid ring pump for dairy production. The series undergoes continuous development to ensure reliable, hygienic operation in modern dairy production.
  • Highly streamlined dairies such as Arla use our vacuum pumps in their daily production processes.
  • The ME-series is available in cast iron or stainless steel, meeting operational demands in hygienic processes.



Products for dairy production

The ME series is tailored to the processing industry

The ME pump series is frequently chosen as the perfect solution for dairy and brewery processes. The ME range offers industrial pumps with unmatched reliability that can be used in a variety of applications.

ME pumps are characterised by a simple compact monoblock design with two connections. They are often found in applications with medium-high to high vacuum pressure (down to 33 mbar) in the food industry.    

Read more about the ME65 and ME160 here...


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