Vacuum solutions for the fishing industry


The vacuum method is ideal for processing and transporting fish. This is true for both live catches, industrial fish, fish waste and the production of fish feed. In the harsh conditions at sea, a Samson pump proves its true value.

In many fisheries, large volumes of fish and fish waste must be moved from A to B as quickly and efficiently as possible and with a minimum of damage. A vacuum system makes it possible to offload fishing vessels, for instance, almost without manual effort. This means that vessels can sail and replenish their holds after a very short time in harbour.

Made to withstand hard work

The fishing industry is yet another field in which Samson Pumps' products are exposed to some of the harshest environments on earth. They must operate in extreme conditions of cold and heat, and suffer the effects of saltwater and other factors. Our pumps meet all these challenges. They have been developed over decades to afford optimal efficiency, security of operation and extraordinary resilience.

A leading supplier

Samson Pumps is an unrivalled supplier of liquid ring pumps and system components to aquaculture and aquafarming enterprises that process living fish. Our solutions are used by leading producers. Our pumps come into their own where fish have to be conveyed on trawlers in pelagic fishing, between vessels, factories and sea fish farms and whenever industrial fish and fish waste are processed.

What clients say about Samson pumps

"On paper, our old pumps would appear to have roughly the same capacity as those manufactured by Samson. In reality, Samson pumps have a much higher capacity. This has represented an extra bonus for us: we have reduced our unloading time by 30 percent! This represents an extra week of fishing per season."

- Chief engineer officer on the trawler Midoy Dakhla1


Known for quality

The KS series has long been the most used pump in vacuum systems on ocean-going fishing vessels and at harbour pump facilities. Now something of a legend, these pumps have been used by the fishing industry for 40 years and are known for their reliable performance and adaptability. KS is the best choice for continuous operation in tough areas and wet processes.

The KS series is characterized by a high-strength special impeller that will meet both the special conditions and the needs for applications providing both compression and vacuum. The KS series is equipped with fully welded stainless steel rotors, stainless steel shafts and mechanical shaft seals as standard.

Read more about our most used KS pumps for the fishing industry: KS625, KS725, KS910 og KS1025

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