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Some of Europe's most efficient slaughterhouses use our vacuum solutions. We have made the internal transport of waste and bi-products of food production quieter and more energy-efficient.

In modern food production, the efficient processing and continuous removal of waste from the production line are particularly important factors. For example, slaughterhouse waste must be removed from the processing line in order to fulfil hygiene requirements and optimise work conditions. Here, the liquid ring pump is the ideal solution. Its vacuum and pressure functions allow for the disposal of waste and bi-products and efficient conveying over considerable distances within a factory facility.

More efficient production and less risk of cross-contamination

Samson Pumps have developed special vacuum conveying lines that move slaughterhouse products such as beef, chicken and pork, fruit and vegetable products, fish, etc. Vacuum solutions are based on our low-noise liquid ring pumps. Noise is considerably reduced (down to 70 dBa), which means that staff can enjoy a good working environment. We supply a solution that precisely meets the customer's needs. This may be anything from simple pumps to custom-made, complete systems controlled by computer.

The unique Samson vacuum conveying system with liquid ring pumps is not only extremely efficient it is also both highly energy efficient and gentle to the products. Tell us what you need - we evaluate each individual application considering product, consistency, transport distance, pipe dimensions as well as vacuum speed, energy requirement and consumption.
A vacuum solution will ensure maximum control of your product which in turn reduces system load to the absolute minimum. Making it the most energy-friendly solution for this type of application.

Low operating costs

Industrial processing lines that operate on a continuous basis can be expensive in terms of both power and servicing. For this reason, Samson Pumps have designed vacuum transport solutions with operating cost and energy efficiency in mind. Our highly efficient pumps run exclusively on water, which means immediate savings in the form of low operating costs. Another plus is excellent conditions for employees working around the facility.

The transport of waste products in a closed system also fulfils CIP regulations.


Products for vacuum conveying

Gamma-units are ideal for industrial vacuum conveying

The Gamma 70 pump unit is able to deliver precisely the right amount of air required to convey slaughterhouse waste. For more challenging suction tasks for vegetable or other waste requiring a higher air flow, the highly efficient Gamma 90 pump unit is the best choice.

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