Ocean Master 2.0

On our journey to serve our customers with the strongest and most reliable pumps for the fishing industry, SAMSON PUMPS will launch the Ocean Master 2.0 for fish handling applications.

Building on decades of applications expertise to withstand the harsh and corrosive seawater environments the Ocean Master 2.0 stands out on durability, robustness as well as being service friendly and easy to install and operate.

Ready for order in August 2022



The new and integrated water connection design on the Ocean Master 2.0 makes it easier to connect the water supply and do the draining of the pump.

Besides the easier connection we have minimized the needed number of valves. This will bring down the cost of the pump installation.



Three years ago, we introduced you to the HSR rotor. Since then, we continued to improve our rotor for fish handling operations and the result is HSR 2nd Generation.

The HSR 2nd Generation rotor has now an even better performance and reliability in withstanding the straining of harsh and corrosive seawater environments. The result being an increased durability and extended total lifetime of the Ocean Master 2.0.



Traditional bearings must be lubricated regularly. Bearings will be breaking down due to too much lubrication or being worn-out from lack of lubrication.

To avoid these problems, Ocean Master 2.0 comes with lifetime-lubricated bearings. No need to continuously lubricate the pump bearings or replace lubrication cartridges.



The flow-plates are one of the most exposed components.

To ensure long lifetime of the Ocean Master 2.0 pump, we have upgraded to AISI316 stainless steel flow plates.



When the pump is installed on an uneven surface, wear and improper operation of the pump will occur. To prevent this the Ocean Master 2.0 comes with threaded holes in the pump housing feet. It will make it easier to install and align the pump.

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