Hydraulic motor set 160

A complete hydraulic motor set for Ocean Master 1500. Dimensioned to perform full vacuum and pressure. The set consists of hydraulic motor, adaptor and couplings. By ordering this set together with a pump, all will be assembled at our factory and delivered as a “ready to run” unit.
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      Hydraulic motor set Ocean Master 1500

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          Preliminary data

          Motor 160 cm3/RevBarkWl/min
          1500 RPM380142245
          1300 RPM340110212
          1100 RPM28090212
          1900 RPM26560147

          Maximum pressure 400 bar

          Preliminary data

          Motor 9,76 in3/Revpsihpgpm
          1800 RPM551019065
          1650 RPM493014756
          1500 RPM406012156
          1200 RPM38438039

          Maximum pressure 5800 psi

          Hydraulic motor set 

          Right-sized for

          Ocean Master 1500

          Ocean Master 1500 is a liquid ring vacuum pump designed for fish handling in harsh seawater environments with a max capacity of 1500 m3/h.

          Capacity m3/h1500
          Generation 2.0

          Hydraulic motor set


          PartMaterialSpecification EUSpecification US
          Hydraulic ISO Motor Cast iron body with rubber
          gaskets and steel shaft
          Standard adaptorCast ironEN-GJS-400-15,
          ASTM A536 grade
          Standard claw couplingsCast iron/Rubber


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