Ocean Master 700

Ocean Master 700 is a liquid ring vacuum pump designed for fish handling in harsh seawater environments and with a max capacity of 850 m3/h.


  • Fishing vessels
  • Onshore fish handling systems

Generation: 2.0

  • 2nd generation High Strength Rotor
  • Integrated water system
  • Lifetime lubricated bearings
  • Easy drain
  • Stainless steel flow plates

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      How to read the performance curve

      The suction and discharge performances are calculated in normal cubic meters per hour corresponding to the displacement of water flow in and out of the holding tank. The performance is measured without pressure drop and this must be therefore calculated and added to the static pressure in both suction and discharge. For further information and examples, please refer to the pump manual.

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          Complete your vacuum system

          with the right components

          4-way valve DN100

          High performance and maintenance free 4-way valve DN100. Casted in duplex stainless steel to withstand the tough seawater environments.

          Material Duplex
          Operates by Air
          Positions by Limit switch

          Vacuum control valve

          Install the vacuum control valve in the suction line and protect your vacuum pump from cavitation damage.

          Connection1″ BSPP
          Area0 – 1013 mbar
          Activates by Auto
          Required powerNone

          Hydraulic motor set 63

          A complete hydraulic motor set for Ocean Master 700 dimensioned to perform full vacuum and pressure. Mounted in our factory.

          Pump fit OM 700
          P. Max3.0 bar
          Motor63 cm3/Rev
          Mounted Yes


          Designed for tough seawater applications

          Building on decades of application expertise to withstand the harsh and corrosive seawater environments the Ocean Master 2.0 stands out on durability, robustness as well as being service friendly and easy to install and operate

          Life-time lubricated bearings
          Protection sleeves
          High-strength rotor
          Integrated water system
          Stainless steel flow plates

          Ocean Master 700 G 2.0


          PartMaterialSpecification EUSpecification US
          Bearing coverCast IronEN-GJL-250; EN 1561250/275-35-35B 40-40B
          Radial shaft sealRubberDIN 3760ADIN 3760A
          Paper gasketPaperOil resistant gasketOil resistant gasket
          Bearing housingCast IronEN-GJL-250; EN 1561250/275-35-35B 40-40B
          Mechanical shaft
          Rubber / Stainless Steel
          / Silicium / Carbon
          NBR / 1.4401 /  SiC / CNBR / 1.4401 /  SiC / C
          Pump HousingCast IronEN-GJL-250; EN 1561250/275-35-35B 40-40B
          Flow PlatesStainless Steal 1.4401AISI 316
          Rubber gasketRubberNBRNBR
          Shell option 1Cast IronEN-GJL-250; EN 1561250/275-35-35B 40-40B
          Shell option 2Stainless steel1.4401AISI 316
          Stay BoltCarbon steel
          RotorStainless steelHSR 2nd GenerationHSR 2nd Generation

          Other models

          The Ocean Master Series G 2.0

          They stand out on durability, robustness as well as being service friendly, easy to install and operate. It’s the liquid ring vacuum pump line designed to withstand the harshest seawater environments.

          Ocean Master 1500

          Ocean Master Series
          Generation 2.0


          Ocean Master 1000

          Ocean Master Series
          Generation 2.0


          Ocean Master 500

          Ocean Master Series
          Generation 2.0


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