The protection of the marine environment and of fisheries personnel against contaminants from oil and gas exploitation requires experience and a very specific application of technology. We have the experience – and we have the VaClean technology.     

Sludge, oil spills and other drilling waste may accidentally cause pollution and damage to human health and the marine environment that lasts for many years. The safety of employees is an ongoing concern, and the protection of marine wildlife is also of utmost importance, which is why environmental regulations for offshore industries are extremely stringent. 

Modern rigs look after the environment

Most companies engaged in oil and gas extraction have robust environmental protection policies and use models such as HSE (Health, Safety, Environment) and Zero Discharge. The latest high-technology oil drilling and jack-up rigs have been designed to avoid oil and waste spillages.

This is where Samson Pumps' strong and reliable vacuum pumps come in. With more than 20 years' experience of vacuum solutions for the offshore sector, we supply standard units for offshore equipment as well as individually adapted solutions, from liquid ring pumps to complete facilities for handling waste products and bore cuttings.VaClean


VaClean creates security

This central suction facility is efficient at drawing away waste and spillages and is used on drilling rigs and ships everywhere. Naturally, the system fulfils the requirements of inspection authorities and industry. Together with our other products, VaClean helps protect the environment and create clean, safe work conditions at sea.

The fully automatic system is filled and emptied by a vacuum pump, which transports the media to the collector tank and on to a skimmer tank or container. As the product is not required to pass through the pump, very large particles and difficult media can be readily transported. When the pump is started, a vacuum is created in the collector tank and throughout the drilling platform pipe system. This allows for the removal of waste from any station around the platform. When the tank is full, the vacuum pump is used as a compressor to empty it quickly.

VaClean is delivered as a complete system ready for installation. It only requires connection of cooling water, electricity supply and connection to the pipe system onboard.

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Pump units for incorporation in containers

We offer complete pump units for incorporation in containers to total solution suppliers of plants for the offshore industry. Whether for small, movable container units (LRUs - Line Replaceable Units) or larger, stationary containers, Samson Pumps can supply exactly the right kind of pumps and finished units. We ensure that the customer is supplied with the solution that best fits the actual need.

Samson Pumps provides all the key components for your vacuum container solution; pump units, liquid separators and filter tanks. The system is designed to fit into a 10ft offshore container. The basic idea behind this unit is to offer a very strong, compact and mobile product to the offshore industry.

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Expert teams

Our experts in the field of vacuum technology assist rig designers and other engineers, providing technical input and expert knowledge to OEM customers who incorporate our solutions in major offshore facilities. We supply GA drawings, As-build drawings, Final Acceptance Test results, complete I/O manuals, documentation for electrical components and certificates, copies of computer software programmes and much more.

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