Vacuum solutions for industrial applications


A Samson liquid ring pump is often the most important component of industrial applications that must be economically viable. For OEM customers, we offer our reliable pumps and unique service.

A Samson liquid ring pump is a sensible investment that offers exceptional reliability for processing enterprises where a major conveying system is required. In many cases, the pump is a vital part of the specification and the choice of pump can therefore be decisive in ensuring the success and profitability of the system.

Samson liquid ring pumps are used frequently in the process industry. Samson Pumps manufacture a wide range of pumps for major producers of factory equipment and total systems for various industries around the world. Our pumps are often a core component of larger systems manufactured by our customers, and therefore it is always critical to choose the right pump for every specific application. Our sales team is  ready to help you with selection of the best vacuum pump solution for any proces.

Typical liquid ring pump selection criteria:

  • Requirement for vacuum
  • Requirement for compression
  • Challenging environment 
  • Damp and saturated air/gas
  • Explosion-proof installation (ATEX)
  • When it is not possible to install filters or cyclones  
  • Noise-sensitive areas 
  • Environmentally-friendly operation

Samson Pumps supplies a wide range of vacuum pump units and turnkey solutions for system builders and OEMs.Customization and engineering of vacuum solutions for industrial processes and utilities are some of our core company strengths. Our historical status as a supplier to system builders and OEMs all over the world is built on short delivery time, technical assistance, world wide support and the quality of our products and documentation.

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Technical service for OEM customers

We have a broad and solid choice of pumps for OEM customers who manufacture factory equipment and systems for the global processing industry. These pumps deal with various vacuum and pressure tasks in a reliable and highly efficient way. Our experienced, highly capable vacuum experts also offer professional help and support via telephone, video conference or on site. Together, we ensure that our products are implemented within the system in the best possible way.

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Did you know?

We have the shortest supply delay on the market and are committed to developing a unique quality of product.


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