Liquid ring pumps are a picture of reliability

Liquid ring pumps are a picture of reliability

"This Samson pump has given us great and reliable service for many, many years," says Brian Larsen with a smile as he gives the pump an affectionate pat. The pump is from 2001 and runs effortlessly day in and day out. Not once has the pump had to be removed from the vacuum tanker for repairs or the like. "For our work, Samson's liquid ring pumps are the natural choice. Samson's products are the picture of reliability, so I couldn't even imagine buying another brand of pump," says Brian, who owns Midtjysk Kloakservice ApS, a Danish sewage service company in the town of Brunshaab.

Samson pumps – extreme reliability
"In our world, there's nothing that lasts forever, but Samson's liquid ring pumps are well on their way. They are extremely reliable and practically maintenance-free. Beyond the regular dose of water they require, we give them a squeeze of grease once a week – and nothing more. With just that, they run day after day. We've also had some rotary vane pumps, but they're no match for the liquid ring pumps," Brian says. "Reliability means everything in a company like ours. If a pump breaks down, the vacuum tanker has to stop, and that costs us between $700 and $900 a day in addition to the income we lose out on. Luckily, we haven't had these problems even once with a Samson pump, though we did with a rotary vane pump that we had on one of our vehicles a few years ago. We've learned from our mistakes. So, since then we've exclusively used Samson pumps whenever we purchase new vacuum tanker trucks. We've purchased a couple of used trucks that were fitted with rotary vane pumps. We left these pumps in the trucks until they wore out, after which we replaced them with Samson liquid ring pumps," Brian recounts. Midtjysk Kloakservice ApS has been in business for 45 years, and Brian Larsen has been with the company for 25 years. He was an employee for his first five years, and he has owned and managed the company for the last 20 years. In addition to desludging operations with its eight vacuum tanker trucks, the company also offers everything from graffiti-removal and granulate-vacuum services to mobile toilet and bathroom rentals. Its customers consist of private households, companies and public institutions, primarily in Denmark's Viborg region and surrounding municipalities.

Suction from depth of 17 meters
"We very rarely turn down a job if we have the expertise and necessary technical equipment to get the job done right," says Brian, who is not afraid to take on particularly demanding assignments. Midtjysk Kloakservice ApS recently accepted one such job, which consisted of emptying sand and other debris from a drainage pipe near a highway construction project in the East Jutland region. "We had to get 17 meters below ground to clean out the drainage pipe. Naturally, it was a bit of a challenge, both for the operator and the pump. Apart from the fact that it took a little more time than it does when we work at lesser depths, the whole process went just as it should have. Here, too, the Samson liquid ring pump passed with flying colors," says a satisfied Brian.

Eco-friendly solutions from Grundfos
In addition to the high reliability of Samson pumps, Brian appreciates the fact that they are environmentally friendly. The pumps are low-noise, and the liquid ring technology emits only steam, as opposed to the harmful oil fumes emitted by rotary vane pumps. "For many years, we've had the circulator pump manufacturer Grundfos as a customer. We clean underneath the casting machines in their foundry, where the company manufactures aluminum pump cases. The production process leaves tiny aluminum chips and flakes, and it is our job to vacuum up and dispose of the mess. Grundfos is a company that places great importance on the working environment and the environment in general, so using Samson's eco-friendly liquid ring pumps here is beneficial," says Brian, who has no doubt that the next pumps he will buy will also be Samson models. "Some of the big manufacturers of rotary vane pumps have also begun producing liquid ring pumps, but from I've heard from my colleagues, they don't work particularly well. It's also an entirely new area for them, while Samson Pumps has been producing liquid ring pumps since 1955 and benefits from the enormous amount of knowledge and experience this gives. So, I'm sticking with Samson, of course" Brian concludes.

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