Mantank liquid tankers

Mantank liquid tankers

Mantank was formed 20 years ago and has grown steadily every year since. Nigel Barnes is senior fleet engineer and joined the company 17 years ago. Since then, the fleet has grown from two vehicles purchased secondhand to a modern fleet of 43 vehicles. There are 8 Tanks with liquid ring pumps, mostly Samson.


Previously Mantank used both Kaiser and Dietmar Kaiser, Hibbon and Hick Hargreaves liquid ring pumps however when Vallely Tankers switched over to Samson 4 years ago all recent acquisitions have been fitted with Samson KM2700.

How do they compare with the Kaisers? The KM2700, although it’s heavier, it out performs the Kaiser on suction and continuous working. Mantank Liquid Tankers can be working for 2/3 weeks 24hrs per day 7days per week especially on digester cleaning where the Plant is on a 3 week shutdown and time is of the essence. Each shift is 12 hrs and nonstop working to ensure the job is completed within the time allocated.

Nigel is a big fan of Samson Liquid rings with performance and reliability top of his list for his admiration. “We get top performance from The KM2700 better that anything else we have tried the operators love them and our customers insist we send the team and the vehicles with the Samson liquid ring pumps fitted” To date our best performance tanker by far is a 13 year 8x4 (12000 ltr) Volvo vacuum tanker that was originally fitted with a Hibbon liquid ring which Mantank replaced approximately 4 years ago for the KM2700. Nigel says “there aren’t many jobs that a KM2700 can’t complete”.

Mantanks vehicles are in operation everyday all over the UK, operating from two depots and it’s fair to say the work that these vehicles carry out are some of the toughest assignments only a few industrial cleaning companies could undertake. “We can only do these jobs because we have the skilled and dedicated personnel together with the best equipment available” says Nigel.


Not all jobs undertaken are 3 weeks on site, a typical job is one which we are currently engaged to collect heavy oil residue in a storage tank. The driver and crew leave the Manchester depot at 6am travel 2 hrs to Lincolnshire set up the equipment and pump the load on for approximately 6hrs (continuous).

Once loaded it’s a two hour drive back to Manchester to unload at the treatment plant and back to the depot a twelve hour shift completed. Nigel and his team who operate a 24hr maintenance facility check over the vehicle replenish all fluids and lubricants ready for the crew the next day’s 6am start.


Nigel enjoys his role as senior plant engineer especially as he specifies the equipment best suited to the Mantank operation. He likes to keep up with new technology and carefully assesses each new development and ideas presented to him to see if they can add value or increase efficiency within the Mantank operations. However when it comes to pumping heavy sludge’s we use Liquid ring pumps all the way. Nigel has tried various and well engineered alternative pumping systems but nothing has come close to replacing his liquid ring pumps “ You just can’t beat them” says Nigel.


After 17 years in this job we at Mantank have the confidence to tackle any heavy sludge thanks to the power of suction and the quiet reliability of our favored Liquid ring pumps.