Producer of poultry meat chooses Samson liquid ring pumps

Producer of poultry meat chooses Samson liquid ring pumps

Once again, one of Denmark’s largest producer of poultry meat chooses Samson liquid ring pumps for its vacuum systems

Efficient, robust, and nearly maintenance free: Samson pumps are HKScan Denmark's preferred choice

When it comes to vacuum systems for meat processing plants, HKScan Denmark is not in doubt. They go for liquid ring pumps from Samson. HKScan Denmark and its ROSE brand has been part of the HKScan Group since 2010 and is one of Denmark’s largest poultry meat producer today. “Our first liquid ring pumps from Samson Pumps were installed in 2011, and we have great experiences with them. This is why we have selected Samson Pumps again. Compared to other oil pumps, blowers, or compressed air systems, liquid ring pumps are much more cost-efficient” says Claus Foldager, Technical Manager at HKScan Denmark. “Because of their low noise level and high reliability – and since they require next to no maintenance – we much prefer to use liquid ring pumps. The pumps we installed back in 2011 are still operating very efficiently. Thanks to their great resistance against moisture and impurities in the pumps, we don’t only use liquid ring pumps for transport but for many different vacuum machines as well. Since we changed our vacuum sources and replaced compressed air systems with liquid ring pumps we have reduced our energy costs by more than €25,000 per year.

Liquid ring pumps can optimize several types of machines
Liquid ring pumps are great for vacuum transport in the food industry for several reasons but it was essential to HKScan Denmark that replacing maintenance-heavy compressed air or oil pumps with liquid ring pumps would lead to substantial savings.
“Over the last 3-4 years we have replaced most pumps in our plant with Samson liquid ring pumps, and the results are remarkable”, says Claus Foldager. In partnership with Samson Pumps, we are now assessing our actual vacuum need. A lot of poultry processing equipment are vacuum-operated. This means that we have ended up with a long list of different pump types, high maintenance costs, and overcapacity. The machine generates a lot of heat which again creates a need for more energy to cool down the area. A central vacuum station based on liquid ring pumps would make a lot of sense.

Efficient pumps for harsh environments
The functionality of Samson liquid ring pumps is not affected by impurities sucked into the pump. To date, liquid ring pumps (often called water ring pumps) are the most cost-efficient and robust vacuum pumps using water as the operating medium. Thanks to their resistance, liquid ring rumps are even used on oilrigs in Singapore, Korea, and Europe. Other application areas include vacuum trucks, trawlers, the aquaculture sector, and vacuum transport of waste in the fish industry.

Every day, Franck Eg and Lars Hvass look into plant optimization
With a central vacuum station on the agenda, and Franck Eg and Lars Hvass are in the process of assessing the actual vacuum requirement of the factory. A central vacuum station built on liquid ring pumps would be able to feed many more machines with vacuum than is the case today where each machine has its own vacuum source. As suppliers of poultry processing equipment have no vacuum knowhow, they have ended up with many different vacuum pumps, typically designed with more capacity than needed. Working with Samson Pumps means that we have access to expert knowledge on vacuum systems and how to save energy. Now, we are even eligible for environmentally related grants.