Samson Pumps match the strict demands of the fishing industry

Samson Pumps match the strict demands of the fishing industry

"Samson pumps are far more robust and reliable than other pumps on the market. This is particularly important for the fishing industry," says Søren Toft Sørensen from Beva Special Svejs ApS, which specialises in the repair and servicing of large fishing vessels

"It is a solid product. A really solid product, actually. The more I see what else there is on the pump market, the more positively I promote the products from Samson Pumps," says Søren Toft Sørensen, as with one quick flick of the hand he secures the rotor from a large Samson pump firmly in place on the workshop's lathe and sets it rotating.

We are at Beva Special Svejs ApS, a repair workshop out on Hirtshals harbour, which Søren Toft Sørensen, a trained toolmaker, has owned and managed since 1997. Besides himself, the workshop employs a staff of three – as well as the workshop's resident dog Andi, who follows sedately in the daily tasks of the workshop. Right now this concerns a Samson pump that has been brought in for repairs in connection with a planned servicing of the entire machinery on the massive fishing vessel "Asbjørn", which is docked here in Hirtshals."The pump was making a lot of noise, which is why they wanted it checked. When I took the pump off, it became apparent that "foreign bodies" had got into the rotor, so that it had moved into the pump housing and thus begun scraping against the "inner wall". This had resulted in a high, screeching sound, so we have solved that problem. There was also some corrosion, so I have now sanded and subsequently coated the pump housing with a special coating, so that it should now last for a really long time," explains Søren Toft Sørensen.

First service in eight years
Together with three similar Samson pumps, the pump is normally located in the machine room on "Asbjørn", which is one of the largest fishing vessels in Denmark. The ship was built in 2008, when it was called "Gitte Henning". Since then the pumps, which constitute the central element in the vessel's vacuum system, have worked steadily and faithfully, without a single unintentional stoppage. As part of the current servicing, Søren Toft Sørensen has also repaired some corrosion damage on the ship's large refrigeration unit. "I would urge those in the fishing business to get their vessels serviced at shorter intervals than they do today. They would save money in the long run. But it's hard, because there is a lot invested in a large, modern fishing vessel, which must therefore be out at sea as much as possible.

"As a repair workshop we must be able to react very quickly, when we get a message that there has been a breakdown of a machine, a pump or something else. It means a huge deal to the fishermen, that we can step in and help them at very short notice, so they are docked in the harbour for as little time as possible.

"This is also why we have built up a stock of used, but operational pumps, which we can install in the vessel while we take the original pump in for repair or servicing. This exchange system works really well, for the benefit of both the fishermen and ourselves," says Toft Sørensen, who is happy to step forward and promote Samson pumps.

High service level and realistic prices
"My experience from many years in the industry is that Samson pumps are considerably more robust and reliable than other pumps on the market. This robustness is especially important in the fishing sector, where the pumps work in a very tough environment, with salt water and so on. On Samson pumps the rotor and the axle are manufactured in one piece, while competitors' pumps are joined in several places across their length, which considerably increases the risk of salt water seeping in through these joins, resulting in corrosion. It makes a big difference," maintains Toft Sørensen, who is also pleased about the high level of service he gets from Samson Pumps as a repairman.

"I can find out the prices of spare parts and then get the spare parts I need sent to me with just one telephone call or email. If I have a technical problem I would like help with, or if I don't know, for example, the type number on a pump I have to repair, help is also quick to arrive.

"Samson Pumps also have a very realistic pricing policy. I'm sure that you can get Spanish and Italian pumps, for example, for a cheaper price, but which will end up being more expensive than Samson pumps in the long run. Partly because the quality of Spanish or Italian pumps is nowhere near as high as the quality of Samson pumps, so they don't last as long. But partly also because many foreign producers do not have a particularly realistic pricing policy, i.e. while a new pump can be obtained for a relatively low price, the prices of spare parts, on the other hand, are sky-high. You won't find this with Samson. They have a more honest price structure, where you pay the actual price, whether you are buying a new pump or buying spare parts for an existing one," concludes Toft Sørensen.