How a liquid separator works

Some of the liquid will be released with the exhaust air. It is therefore necessary to add sealant liquid during operation. To achieve best results while minimising operating costs, we recommend fitting a liquid separator to all our pumps.
As well as collecting and recycling the operating liquid, a liquid separator will ensure correct pump intake pressure.


Pos 1: Liquid ring pump
Pos 2: Liquid separator
Pos 3: Service liquid valve
Pos 4: Service liquid supply



A liquid separator is fitted with a service liquid valve to ensure correct liquid level.
When the service liquid valve is connected to the water supply, it will replace any evaporated liquid.
As the liquid level is above the level of the pump, it is necessary to close the supply of liquid to the pump when it is not running. We have therefore developed a special valve specifically for this purpose. The service liquid valve is opened by pilot pressure created by the liquid ring in the pump. There is therefore no requirement for external control. This valve is listed in our product range under valves.