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Ocean Master and the fish industry

Wondering for what and when the Ocean Master pumps are used within the fish industry?

It is extremely difficult even to try to answer to this question as every day OEMs operating in the fish industry discover new ways of using the liquid ring pumps and take advantage of the benefits they bring along. However, for you to have an idea, here are two examples of the most typical installations on which our liquid ring vacuum pumps are used.

Live fish carriers

Our Ocean Master pumps are often used on live fish carriers. A live fish carrier is a vessel specially designed to transport the fish alive to the shore. This is possible as the vessel is equipped with a pumping system that aims at pumping the fish on and off the vessel. Most of the time, live fish carrier builders chose to equip the new fishing vessels with Samson Ocean Master pumps because they can withstand being exposed to the harshest work environments. The Ocean Master pumps must and can operate in extreme conditions of cold and heat, and suffer the effects of saltwater as well as other factors. Therefore, they are the preferred liquid ring vacuum pumps within the fishing industry.

Aquaculture and aquafarming

Ocean Master fish pumps are also used within aquaculture and aquafarming plants, when the fish must be conveyed from a cage to another or when the fish must be sucked up from the cage without risking damaging the fish. Indeed, Ocean Master pumps were specially designed for caring out all types of jobs within the fish industry, from conveying the fish to managing the fish waste.