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Technical support for Manufacturers

For the manufacturers of equipment we offer our free of charge support and technical dialog because we believe that our future existence is conditionated by our customer’s success. The environmental vacuum cleaning vehicles and the fish transport systems must be of superlative quality. And a high quality product requires a robust pump that simply goes on and on working.


In many fisheries, large volumes of fish and fish waste must be moved from A to B as quickly and efficiently as possible and with a minimum of damage. But to build a successful system a pre-calculation might be essential.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with regard to any questions or doubts you might have about our products or how they perform. Our team of engineers will be ready to support you.


We support our vacuum truck OEM customers in dimensioning and calculation of the liquid ring pump, cooler system and water tank. Many years of experience and testing have given us a great amount of data and guidelines, which we are happy to share with our OEM customers.

A common development project is often done in three steps.

1. Dimensioning 2. Quotation 3. Design review