The next generation of Truck Masters

Same dimensions, yet a much more refined pump. We call it – Generation 2.0

Two years ago, we introduced the first generation of Truck Masters, high-performance liquid ring vacuum pumps designed for vacuum trucks. This is Generation 2.0.

Our goal was to improve our pumps for the people who perform maintenance and service, so we simply made them easier to disassemble and assemble, and then we integrated the water connection in a smooth and robust way.

It is our vision to be the world’s top supplier of liquid ring pumps for vacuum trucks. We do that by offering the most non-pollutive, silent and reliable pumps on the market.

Kasper Nørgaard – CEO 

Truck Master G 2.0

Watch the video and let our CTO, Kelvin Storm Jensen, walk you through the new features of Truck Master G 2.0. You can as well scroll down and read more about the new upgrades.


Upgraded feet design. The new “one-piece” foot design made in stainless steel ensures the pumps can easily be mounted on trucks with great stability and prevents corrosion in case of mounting damages.


The new stainless-steel plugs with integrated gaskets secure perfect tightness again and again, without any third part sealing. A key feature that makes disassemble and reassembly during service or re-build effective and easy.


The new Truck Master design gives you the possibility to connect the water to the pump through 4 different connection points, placed at the four ends of the pump (frontend right, frontend left, backend right, backend left). Making it easy to supply the pump with water and giving the operator more flexibility.


On Truck Master G 2.0 we chose to build on the pumps a manifold for the Vacuum Control Valves. In this way, we made it easier to integrate the valves into the vacuum truck system. The valves are easier to access by the operator and at the same time, they are better protected.

We highly recommend installing Vacuum Control Valves on your pump as they will prevent cavitation and do not require electrical installation.


Each Truck Master comes equipped with our Optimum rotor, specially designed for vacuum trucks. The perfect balance between performance and strength.


Bearing coverCast ironEN-GJL-250: EN 1561
Radial shaft sealRubberType NBR: DIN 3760A
Paper gasketPaperOil resistant gasket
Bearing housingCast IronEN-GJL-250: EN 1561
Mechanical shaft sealNBR/AISI 316/ SiC/Carbon
Pump housingCast IronEN-GJL-250: EN 1561
Flow PlateCast IronEN-GJL-250: EN 1561
Flow Plate (Ex model)BronzeCC480K: EN 1982
Rubber gasketRubberNBR
ShellCast IronEN-GJL-250: EN 1561
RotorStainless steelOptimum High Performance

“We built Truck Master  G 2.0 with the truck builders and operators in mind. We made it easy for the truck builders to integrate the pumps on their trucks. And we made it easy for the operators to use our pumps.”

Kelvin Storm Jensen – CTO