Webinar Series

The future for vacuum trucks

Sign up for our webinar series or the webinar you are interested in and learn how you and your customers can benefit from vacuum pumps built with liquid ring technology. All our webinars are hold from 11.00 AM IST, CET and EST.

Our webinars will over the coming months cover the following topics:

August  22|Pump sizing for your vacuum truck design
September 27|Pump sizing for your vacuum truck design
October 26|Water consumption – bring only what you need
November 24|Cooling – securing continuous operation
December 16|Future series

With guidance from our expert presenters, VP and CTO Kelvin Storm Jensen and Global Sales Director Loke Svendsen, weʼll also provide tips and guidance for making the switch to a better vacuum pump system, as well as offer advice on how to begin future proofing your vacuum trucks.

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    Why should you switch to

    liquid ring technology

    More often than not, the vacuum trucks used to keep our cities clean and safe rely on outdated and
    inefficient vacuum pump systems. Systems which are prone to leaking hazardous oils and gasses,
    among many other issues.

    Join our webinar and learn more about the benefits of using liquid ring vacuum pumps and receive guidance
    about where to start future proofing your vehicles.